Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bahla, home of a Unesco listed fort

A visit to the Dakhiliyah region is incomplete without a visit to Bahla.
Just 38 kilometres away from Nizwa, the township is famed for its ancient ceramic potteries, where centuries ago skilled potters masterfully fashioned earthenware, many items of which have been preserved for posterity.

Likewise, a visit to Bahla is incomplete without a visit to the famed Bahla Fort — a Unesco World Heritage Site that is still under repair. Once the renovation work is completed it will offer yet another historical edifice for visitors to come and admire.
Avoiding the new carriageway from Nizwa to Bahla and taking the old route, allows visitors to take in the scenic views along the way, admire new hamlets and the established townships of Tanuf — famous for its mineral water — and Al Hamra.

As with many of the other areas of this region, these places abound with newly built villas and houses that huddle together beneath the huge Jabal Akhdhar mountain range. There is also an access point from here to the impressive Al Hoota Cave with its unusual stalagmite and stalactite formations.
All along the route, wondrous mountain formations can be seen that are a typical, dominant and impressively picturesque feature of this region. They give rise to wadis (canyons) that flow with water after heavy rainfalls. Some maintain a constant stream of flowing water throughout the year and are a popular attraction for both locals and visitors alike.
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