Friday, June 6, 2014

29 projects costing RO 1.7bn in Duqm
MUSCAT — Majlis Ash’shura, during its session yesterday under the chairmanship of Shaikh Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, Majlis Ash’shura Chairman, hosted Yahya bin Saeed bin Abdullah al Jabri, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD), who gave a presentation on the Special Economic Zone in Duqm. Al Jabri highlighted the economic advantages of SEZAD and shed light on the existing projects such as the Drydock and ship repair yard. He pointed out that the number of projects that have been completed stood at 29 at a cost of more than RO 1.7 billion, including the commercial terminal, the Drydock, Al Duqm Port, power plant, water desalination plant, electricity distribution network, water distribution network, main road, sanitary drainage plant, Crowne Plaza Hotel, City Hotel, the hospital expansion, the Drydock and employees camp.
6843The presentation covered other projects, such as natural gas supplies, railway, the port belt, the internal roads, the expansion of the water distribution network, the expansion of the electricity network and the sanitary drainage network. The presentation also highlighted the marketing and promotion efforts, including the negotiations under way with Al Duqm Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Industries for 1,000 hectares and with Al Duqm Port Company for 2,000 hectares of industrial lands. Following the presentation, discussions were held on the data and indicators. — ONA

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