Thursday, June 5, 2014

Radio, TV programmes for Ramadhan revealed

By Zainab al Nasseri — MUSCAT — The Public Authority for Radio and TV yesterday revealed the Programme Schedule for Ramadhan 2014. Dr Abdullah bin Nasser al Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and TV stated that the authority has its own vision and mission which distinguishes its fingerprint in the world of media. “We don’t seek competition, yet, we are overwhelmed with our national and valuable aims that we try, through our selective programs, to deliver to audience. Besides entertainment, we look into educational and national contents that serve useful purposes to all our audience whether children, youth or the elderly,” he said.
Al Harrasi also mentioned that official Omani media, in its two parts radio and TV,  has always played a great role in preserving Omani identity and fending off  risks and rumours that emerge between once in a while. “We serve pure national and moral aims without any attempts to copy or follow any other media channels, their ideologies or concepts,” he emphasised. Ramadhan programme this year provides a collection of drama, cultural, children, religious programmes as well as sports programmes that will be broadcasted in both radio and TV channels during the holy month. In TV session, Abdulla al Shuaili, Executive Director for the Visual Sector, revealed new premier programmes that are  broadcast for the first time on TV.
He said “Besides many  diverse programmes, this schedule contains three new documentary films produced by Oman TV.  They are ‘Story of Zanzibar Houses’, ‘A Glance at Hormuz Strait”,  and ‘History of Omani Drama’. Because we want to attract and satisfy our audience, there will be a launch of a new programme at the regional level;  a contest called ‘Hada’ coinciding with the World Cup matches. Using hypothetical playground inside the studio, questions will be asked to two teams.”. Moreover,  during the holy month, Oman general TV channel will show ‘Dhakira’ programme, on which we host a number of Omani known figures to posses several valuable antiques. For children, there will be ‘Akkasa’ show that gives the opportunity to kids to participate in a daily competition.
On the drama session, ‘Samrat Eida’ and ‘Fee Baituna Qadi’ series will be shown. ‘Roud al Muzn’ is another series but from a different view. It is more like a Bedouin love story that faces challenges and rejection but tries to survive. Al Shuaili said that opportunities were given to SMEs to participate in producing 40 per cent of  Ramadhan programmes and decorating 30 per cent of studios this year. “We try to encourage them developing their business even in the media sector,” he commented.
In the radio session, Mohammed al Balushi, Executive Director for the Audio Sector, talked about the distinctive programmes for this year. On Oman general radio channel there will be a number of programmes, one of them is the ‘Omani Encyclopaedia’, which is a competition that gives questions related to the Encyclopaedia itself. On Shabab FM, ‘The Mondial- World Cup’ will cover and analyse all soccer matches in Brazil World Cup 2014. Other radio channels like the Quran and the English FMs will have also their own programmes that vary between culture, entertainment, religion and drama.

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